Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Code Services

Issuance and Renewal Services for Legal Entity Identifier  (LEI) Code

We provide a highly efficient and reliable total solution for the registration, maintenance and renewal of an LEI code.  Through our well established cooperation with accredited Issuers (LOU), we are able to assume the whole process and simplify things for you.   Specifically, we undertake:

       *  the collection and preparation of all required documentation,

       *  the completion of all data as required by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation,

       *  the submission of a proper Application,

       *  the monitoring of the process and delivery of the LEI code upon approval,

       *  to update the relevant information whenever there are changes,

       *  the annual renewal of the LEI Code according to applicable rules and regulations.

We have a wealth of experience and our clients include listed public companies, private companies and other legal entities such as charitable foundations, religious bodies, collective investment and provident funds, etc., based in numerous jurisdictions.  

We adhere to the highest level of professional standards and provide our service in an efficient, reliable and cost effective way, always maintaining Confidentiality, Trust and Transparency in our operations, services and fees.  


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