LEI Code Registration & Renewal

Total Service Solution for the Issuance and Renewal of an  LEI Code

article updated 21/12/2018

We have designed a highly efficient service for the Registration, Maintenance and Renewal of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Codes.  Our key objective is to provide a trouble-free total solution for the registration and maintenance of LEI Codes for our clients.  We accomplish this through our well established cooperation with accredited LEI Code Issuers (LOUs).   

Our service is made available to individual legal entities and to our trusted business partners, including Investment and Legal firms, International Business Services Providers and Accounting & Audit firms.  Through our expertise our business partners are able to benefit in two fronts, first by containing administrative costs, and secondly through our fast and highly efficient service improve the quality of their service to their clients.  

Specifically, we undertake:

     *  the collection of all required documentation

     *  the completion and submission of a proper Application

     *  Monitoring and punctual delivery of the LEI code upon issuance 

     *  the update of LEI Code Reference Data when changes take place

     *  to give advance notice of pending expiry date of LEI Code

     *  the annual renewal of the LEI Code.

We are very proud to state that, our last regular quarterly quality review has shown that we have delivered to our clients their LEI Code 100% of the time within 24 hours.  

We work hard to forge long-term partnerships of trust with our clients.  We have excellent knowledge of the procedures and data requirements of Legal Entities of various forms, thus enabling us to deliver our service fast, regardless of complexity.  Our clientele includes a diverse group of legal entities based in various jurisdictions, such as Public listed and non-listed Companies, Private Companies, Provident Funds, Religious Institutions, Charity Organisations and Collective Investment Schemes.

Throughout the process we adhere to the highest level of professional standards  always maintaining Confidentiality, Trust and Transparency in our operations, services and fees.


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